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Auction 12  22 May 2016
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Lot 160

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Estimate: 15 000 CHF
Price realized: 19 000 CHF

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Hadrian, 117-138. Aureus (Gold, 18mm, 7.08 g 7), Rome, 119-122. IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian to right. Rev. P M TR P COS III Hercules standing facing, holding an apple in his left hand and resting his right on the handle of his club, propped on the ground; to his left and right, female figure, draped and wearing a curious headdress, each raising her right hand and turning her head towards him; they all stand in a flat-roofed pavilion supported by four columns or pillars; below the feet of Hercules, ladder-like flight of stairs leading to the pavilion; to left, stern of galley; to right, head of Jupiter to right. BMC -, but see pl. 48, 20 = Cohen 1085. Calicó 1324. RIC 60 var. Extremely rare and with a very unusual reverse. Minor bang on Hadrian's nose, otherwise, good very fine.

The reverse depicts the Temple of Hercules in Gades, which was a Punic building. It celebrates Hadrian's Spanish ancestry: his mother was from Gades.

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