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E-Sale 29  27 August 2016
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Estimate: 100 GBP
Price realized: 95 GBP

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North-eastern Gaul, the Remi AR Quinarius. Circa 40-20 BC. [Winged], female bust facing, head to left, wearing torc; AT[EVLA] downwards to left / Bull standing right, head raised; spiral above, quatrefoil below, [ear of grain in exergue]; [VLATOS] upwards to right. BMC 560; DLT 7186; DT 641; Scheers 41, Classe II. 1.92g, 15mm, 9h.

Very Fine. Flan somewhat misshapen. Toned, with some iridescence. Very Rare.

Found over a large part of northern France, southern Belgium, and western Switzerland and Germany the issuing authority has been much debated. Often found in connection with Roman military camps, they perhaps played a part in the payment of local auxiliary forces, a theory strengthened by the presence of the female bust on the obverse who surely must be Victory.
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