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Auction 96  6 October 2016
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Lot 1038

Estimate: 5000 CHF
Price realized: 4250 CHF
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Greek Coins
The Carthaginians in Sicily. Tetradrachm, "mint of the Camp" circa 320-300,
AR 16.97 g.


Head of Tanit-Persephone l., wearing barley wreath, bar and triple pendant earring, and dotted necklace; below chin, cockle-shell and around, four dolphins. Rev. Horse's head l.; behind, palm tree with date clusters. Below neck truncation, 'mmhnt' in Punic characters.

SNG Fitzwilliam 1493 (this obverse die)
SNG Lloyd 1638 (this obverse die)
Jenkins SNR 56, 1977, 189 (this coin illustrated)
Old cabinet tone and extremely fine

Florange-Ciani sale 1925, 414
Hess-Leu sale 31, 1966, 178
Leu sale 59, 1994, 79
Heritage sale 3042, 2015, 29026

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