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Auction 14  17 May 2017
Presale bidding closes in 17 days 20 hr 24 min

Lot 233
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Estimate: 12500 CHF
Minimum bid: 10000 CHF

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The Social War: coinage of the Marsic Confederation, 90-88 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19mm, 3.51 g 6), Mint moving with C. Paapius, possibly in Campania, 90. mœtil – embratur (in Oscan) Head of Bacchus to right, wearing wreath of ivy. Rev. c.paapi (in Oscan) Bull moving right, trampling on she-wolf. Campana 98. Haeberlin 1447 (this coin). HN III 427. Sydenham 641. Extremely rare. Very attractively toned. About extremely fine.

From the Stoecklin Collection and from the collections of E. J. Haeberlin, Cahn & Hess, Frankfurt, 17 July 1933, 1447 and Sir E. Bunbury.
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