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ANA Signature Sale 3056  3 Aug 2017
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Estimate: 100 000 USD
Price realized: 50 000 USD

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Nicholas I Complete Twelve-piece Specimen Set of Crimean War silver Medals 1839,
(1) Battle near Elizavetpol 1826, Diakov-1782, SP62 PCGS, Armed warrior with raised sword attacks enemy lying on the ground.
(2) Capture of Tavriz 1827, Diakov-1783, SP64 PCGS, Two older gentlemen, dressed in oriental garb, bow before Russian soldiers
(3) Capture of Kars 1828, Diakov-1784, SP63 PCGS, Armed warrior stands before wall holding broken Turkish flag, fallen Turkish soldier in background
(4) Battle near Akhaltsyh 1828, Diakov-1785, SP62 PCGS, Armed warrior with shield and sword steps over dead soldier
(5) Passage across the Danube 1828, Diakov-1786, SP62 PCGS, warrior with shield and sword stands in boat with rower seated behind
(6) Surrender of Brailov & Varna 1828, Diakov-1787, SP63 PCGS, three old men in oriental garb bow before Russian soldier
(7) Capture of Erivan Fortress 1829, Diakov-1788, SP62 PCGS, Russian warrior with shield and flag stands beside fallen soldier with fortress ruins in rear
(8) Defeat of two corps of Turkish Army 1829, Diakov-1789, SP64 PCGS, Russian warrior brandishing sword stands over two fallen enemies
(9) Passage across Balkan mountains 1829, Diakov-1790, SP62 PCGS, Armed soldier with sword and flag stands to right in mountains
(10) Heroic deed of Brig Mercury 1829, Diakov-1791, SP64 PCGS, Mercury and a Russian eagle swim in a shell fending off two sea monsters
(11) Capture of Adrianopol 1829, Diakov-1792, SP63 PCGS (PCGS has incorrectly listed this piece as Diakov-1790), seated warrior holds sword and banner with Eastern city in background
(12) Capture of Erzerum 1829, Diakov-1793, SP62 PCGS, Russian warrior holds sword and banner, with Russian eagle in background and Turkish trophies on ground

Diakov 1782-1793, all are 65mm and housed in the large PCGS holders. All pieces have identical obverse, with double-headed eagle within wreath. All of the medals have attractive reddish-gray patina, with hints of golden color. The strikes are all flawless, with prooflike fields and minor handling marks. The 12 medals as listed, and pictured, comprise a complete set of the silver "Crimean War" commemorative medals. All are listed as R3 in Diakov. An amazing complete set, in silver, of this stunning series. Included is the original wooden case of issue, with inlaid silver medal on the front of the case, and a leather insert in the inner part of the case, with embossed replica of the Russian eagle, within wreath, as shown on the obverses of the medals. The medals are extremely rare individually, but we can reference no complete sets having been offered, with, or without the original case. A truly once in a lifetime chance to acquire this complete set, in case, of Tolstoy designed medals.

As noted in the Diakov catalog, "The series consists of 12 medals based on the drawings by Count F. Tolstoy on the events of the Russian-Turkish War of 1826-1829. At the end of 1830 Tolstoy received an order to create these medals. The artist created in wax all the reverses, as well as portrait of Nicholas I for the obverse. When approving designs for the medals the Tsar ordered to substitute this portrait by the Russian coat of arms-the two-headed eagle. From 1837 to 1839 A. Lyalin and A. Klepikov cut the dies for the series. The series was completed by the end of 1840."


Estimate: 100000-150000 USD
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