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Electronic Auction 405  6 Sep 2017
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HANOVER. George III, with Franz II of Austria, Alexander I of Russia, and Wilhelm III of Prussia. 1760-1820. CU Medal (132.5mm, 428.0 g, 12h). The Battle of Waterloo. By B. Pistrucci. Later high-quality cast copy of an 1849 original. Conjoined laureate and draped busts left of the allied sovereigns: George III, King of Great Britain, Franz II, Emperor of Austria, Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, and Wilhelm III, King of Prussia; around, allegorical and mythological allusions to the Treaty of Peace, which resulted from the Battle of Waterloo: above, Apollo driving quadriga left, restoring the day; to upper right, the rainbow Zephyr and Iris following to right; to upper left, Gemini indicating the month in which the battle occurred; to right, Hercules seated right upon rock, suppressing the Furies within the Cimmerian caverns below; to left, Themis, the protector of the Just, seated left; to lower left, the Fates spinning the future, indicating that human actions will be governed by Justice alone; below, Night, the mother of the Fates, receding into darkness / Two equestrian figures, in classical attire and with the features of the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard von Blücher, being guided to the battle by Victory; around, the Battle of the Giants, being silenced from above by the thunder of Jupiter, driving facing quadriga. Bramsen 2317; BHM 870; Eimer 1067a; Julius 3368 (all for electrotype). EF. With damaged case.

From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection.
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