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September 2017 Coin Auction  16 Sep 2017
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Lot 110

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Estimate: 3200 EUR
Price realized: 11 000 EUR

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CHINA, old collection of about 1000 cast coins and amulets, from different periods and provinces such as Wang Mang, spade money, baby spade two hundred, ordered spade four hundred (cf.H-9.21, cf.H-9.23, cF.H-9.30), key money (6) ; Ming, knife money (H-4.40) ; Northern dynasty, Northern Zhou, five elements money, small flan (cf. H-13.31) ; Southern Song dynasty 10 Cash, Zhe shi Li (H-17.739) ; Jin dynasty, Zhang Zong, 10 Cash (3) (cf. H-18.63) ; Yuan dynasty, 10 Cash Shi (H-19.115) ; Ming dynasty, 10 Cash, Shi (H-20.45), 10 Cash, Fujian (H-20.115), 10 Cash, Henan (H-20.119), 10 Cash (H-20.229) ; Southern Ming and Qing rebels, Geng Jingzhong, 100 Cash Yi Qian (H-21.124) ; Qing dynasty, Value Fifty (H-22.759), Value Hundred (cf. H-22.917) ; Fujian province, 100 Cash, 50 Cash, 20 Cash, 10 Cash (H-22.800, H-22.799, H-22.798, H-22.795, H-22.794, H-22.793, H-22.780), together with a quantity of smaller denominations ; Zodiac amulets and eight trigrams (2), 47mm, 28.04g and 42mm, 16.53g ; amulet with inscriptions and eight trigrams, 58.59g ; open-works amulets (2), 56mm, including one with dragons, 61mm ; Japan, 100 Mon (2) (KM. C.7), etc, the majority of the coins is tied up with strings to large cardboard sheets, some are stuck with sellotape, some with green patina, some with verdegris, varied state. Closer inspection is recommended. This lot may contain forgeries and imitations (c.1000)
(3200 - 3500 EUR)
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