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April 2018 Auction  25 Apr 2018
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Belgium, Flanders, Charles II (1665-1700), 8 Souverain d'or 1694 (Bruges) (Gold, 44.29 gr, 42 mm) Cuirassed bust right CAROL II D G HISP ET INDIAR REX Rev. Crowned shield supported by lions ARCHID AVST DVX BVRG C FLAND Zc. VGH 346-4, VH 703-BG (R3), VH (cfr. I491). Extremely Fine. Exceptional coin minted with the dies of the ducaton, only 639 minted. Of the highest rarity.

The mintage of coins in the name of Charles II began in the middle of 1666. Some gold coins were minted, such as the gold ducaton, and gold demi-ducaton, for the inauguration of the young King. It was under the reign of Charles II that the use of the press striking was introduced in the monetary workshops. After tests made at the Monnaie de Bruxelles in 1686-1688, the new process was definitively adopted in 1691 or 1692. This was inaugurated in Bruges around 1693 and served to mint the beautiful gold ducaton, or 8 souverain d'or, and half ducaton of Flanders.
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