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Auction XVII  28 Mar 2019
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Lot 154

Estimate: 750 GBP
Price realized: 1800 GBP
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Celts in Eastern Europe AV Stater. Lysimachoskopf Type. Circa 2nd - 1st century BC. Youthful head to right (the deified Alexander the Great) with wild hair and wearing horn of Ammon / Athena Nikephoros seated left, left arm resting on shield; BAΣIΛEΩΣ to right, ΛYΣIMAXOY to left crowned by Nike; ΘEO in inner left field, TO on throne, trident in exergue. Göbl, OTA pl. 24, type 282 (cf. 282/3 var.); Lanz 581 (this coin). 8.12g, 19mm, 12h.

Very Fine.

From the Hermann Lanz Collection; this coin published in M. Kostial, Kelten im Osten - Gold und Silber der Kelten in Mittel- und Osteuropa - Sammlung Lanz (Staatlichen Münzsammlung München, 1997).
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