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Auction XVII  28 Mar 2019
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Lot 627

Estimate: 2000 GBP
Price realized: 6500 GBP
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Augustus AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm of Ephesus, Ionia. Circa 28-20 BC. IMP•CAESAR•DIVI•F•COS•VI•LIBERTATIS•P•R•VINDEX, laureate head right / Pax standing left on parazonium, holding caduceus, snake emerging from cista mystica in right field, PAX in left field; all within laurel-wreath. RIC 476; RPC I 2203; RSC 218; BMCRE 691. 11.69g, 30mm, 12h.

Good Extremely Fine; struck on a medallic planchet.

From the inventory of a UK dealer.
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