Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC
Treasure Auction 28  17-19 Nov 2020
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Lot 490

Starting price: 15 000 USD
Price realized: 30 000 USD
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Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 reales Royal (galano), 1615/4F, very rare (three known), NGC AU details / holed, tooled.S-M17; KM-unl (R44.3 for type); Cal-878.26.53 grams.Mexican 8R Royals are a sight to behold, as they invariably come on huge and perfectly round flans with full details, no matter the period or assayer. This coin is no exception, with every detail very bold and evenly struck, with lovely toning all over, its high grade maintained despite the inevitable hole at the top of the cross. The exaggerated Spanish 5 in the date for the 1615 issues like this one has always been a source of confusion because it looks more like a backwards 2 than a 5, but the mystery can be solved by noticing the 5 is actually modified from a 4, and in fact the dies match the single-known 1614 example (Lazaro 39), one telltale sign being the presence of odd diamond-shaped ornaments flanking the top of the date's penultimate digit 1. Of the 1615 issues there are only two others known besides the present coin, all from the same 1614 dies: Lazaro #40 and Herrera #525 (reproduced in Dasi, Burzio and Calbeto, stated as belonging to the Casa de Moneda de Madrid). A beautiful and impressive piece, to be sure, and also quite rare as a type (dated Philip III Mexican 8R Royals).

Estimate: 25000-50000 USD
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