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Auction 171  5-6 Dec 2020
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Lot 1204

Starting price: 50 GBP
Price realized: 80 GBP
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Roman Antoninianus (4) Philip I (244-249AD) Reverse: Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopia, 2.17 grammes, NVF. Gordian III, Reverse: Jupiter standing right with sceptre and thunderbolt IOVI STATORI, RIC 84 2.69 grammes, Good Fine/NVF. Gordian III, Reverse: Apollo seated left with branch, resting elbow on lyre, 3.29 grammes, RIC 89, RSC 261 Good Fine with some thin edge cracks. Gordian III Reverse: AETERNITATI Sol standing facing, head left, holding globe, 3.31 grammes, RSC 41, RIC 82 Good Fine, Denarius Vespasian, worn, Dupondius Philip I Fair, Roman bronzes (14) Ae3 (11), Reduced Follis Constantine I Reverse: Jupiter standing facing with head left, chlamys hanging from left shoulder, holding Victory on globe and leaning on sceptre, eagle to left, Officina letter Δ, 3.33 grammes, RIC Siscia 232b Fine, along with a further group of Roman (47) all but one in bronze, unattributed in mixed low grades

Estimate: 50-100 GBP
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