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Thrace, Koson, Issue for Brutus. Stater; Thrace, Koson, Issue for Brutus; c. 50-40 BC, Stater, 8.43g. RPC-1701. Obv: Consul stepping l. preceded and followed by lictors holding fasces, ??SO? below, monogram in l. field. Rx: Eagle standing l., wings raised, one talon on scepter, holding wreath with other talon. The obverse is inspired by the famous denarius of Brutus. The reverse is seemingly copied from the reverse of a very rare denarius struck by Q. Pomponius Rufus in 73 BC, Cr-398/1. The very distinctive depiction of the eagle on that coin differs from that on the Koson stater only in the position of the eagle's head.Flawless beautifully centered strike. FDC
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