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Julian II as Caesar. Solidus; Julian II as Caesar; 355-360 AD, Antioch, Solidus, 4.35g. Depeyrot-10/2, p. 277 (1 spec. from officina H=8); RIC-167 (R3); C-23 (40 Fr.). Obv: D N IVLIANV - S NOB CAES Bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust r., seen from front. Rx: GLORIA - REI - PVBLICAE Roma, helmeted, and Constantinopolis, turreted, sitting side by side on throne, Roma facing and Constantinopolis turned l., holding between them a round shield bearing a star; Constantinopolis also holds a scepter and places her r. foot on a prow; in exergue, SMANH. Purchased from Harlan Berk, 1996.Small graffiti in obverse right field. EF
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