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Romanus IV. AR Histamenon Nomisma; Romanus IV; 1068-1071 AD. Constantinople, Histamenon Nomisma, 4.36g. Berk-320, Sear-1859. Obv: +RWMAN' - [EV?OKIA] Nimbate Christ, with IC - XC l. and r. of his head, standing facing on footstool, reaching up with both hands to crown Romanus and Eudocia, who stand front on either side of him, each wearing crown and holding cross on globe; double border. Rx: KWN - MX - AN? Three figures of Michael VII (center), Constantius, and Andronicus standing facing on footstools, each crowned and wearing loros; Michael holds transverse jeweled vexillum and akakia, the other two each hold cross on globe in outer hand; double border.Flan crack at 5:00. Reverse somewhat weakly struck. MS
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