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Macedonia, Demetrius Poliorcetes. Tetradrachm; Macedonia, Demetrius Poliorcetes; 294-288 BC. Amphipolis, c. 294/3 BC, Tetradrachm, 17.16g. Newell-94, pl.VIII.16. Obv: Winged Nike, blowing trumpet, standing l. on prow with apotropaic eye. Rx: ?HMHTPIOY downwards on r., BA - SI?E - OS below, Poseidon, nude, striding l., brandishing a trident with r. hand and stretching forward his l. arm wrapped in his mantle; before him, tripod; behind him, I above monogram ME. Acquired from Harlan Berk, 1995.This coin is incredibly beautiful compared to the other coins struck from the dies of Newell-94 and from similar pairs of dies. Toned luster. MS
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