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Auction 80  6 Apr 2021
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Lot 401

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Starting price: 150 EUR
Price realized: 440 EUR

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Mark Antony. Denarius. 38 BC. Mint moving. (Ffc-19). (Craw-533/2). (Cal-165). Anv.: III. VIR. R.P.C. COS. DESIG. ITER. ET. TERT., radiate head of Sol right. Rev.: M. ANTONIVS. M.F.M.N. AVGVR. IMP. (MP interlace), Mark Antony, dressed as a priest, standing right holding lituus. Ag. 3,55 g. Light cabinet tone with iridescent highlights. An excellent example of the type. Choice VF. Est...350,00.

SPANISH DESCRIPTION: Marco Antonio. Denario. 38 a.C. Ceca volante. (Ffc-19). (Craw-533/2). (Cal-165). Anv.: Cabeza radiada del Sol a derecha, III. VIR. R.P.C. COS. DESIG. ITER. ET. TERT. Rev.: Marco Antonio velado de pie a derecha, con lituo, M. ANTONIVS. M.F.M.N. AVGVR. IMP. TER., (MP entrelazadas). Ag. 3,55 g. Bonito tono con zonas iridiscentes. Excelente ejemplar para esta emisión. Rara. MBC+. Est...350,00.

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