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Spring Sale 2021  10 May 2021
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Lot 1034

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Estimate: 150 CHF
Price realized: 275 CHF

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Roman Republic.
P. Licinius Nerva. Denarius 113 or 112, AR 3.87 g. Helmeted bust of Roma l., holding shield in l. hand and spear over shoulder in r.; in l. field, *. Above helmet, crescent and in r. field, ROMA. Rev. Voting scene: three citizens in the comitium; one of them placing ballot in cista. In middle field above, a tabella inscribed P; below, P·NERVA. Babelon Licinia 7. Sydenham 548. RBW 1125. Crawford 292/1.
Well centred on a full flan and complete, surface somewhat porous and
a metal flaw on obverse, otherwise very fine
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