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Hong Kong Signature Sale 3092  24-25 Jun 2021
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People's Republic 2-Piece Certified gold & silver Pattern "Dragon & Phoenix" Proof Set 1989 PR69 Ultra Cameo NGC,
1) silver Pattern 20 Yuan, KM-Unl., Cheng-Unl., CC-288C
2) gold Pattern 200 Yuan (2 oz), KM-Unl., Cheng-Unl., CC-289B

Shenyang mint. A set that certainly stands alongside the greatest rarities of the modern Chinese series, the 1989 Dragon and Phoenix "Patterns" are commonly regarded as among the most difficult issues produced by the People's Republic, with perhaps only a handful issued, and the set in this two-piece format presumed unique. According to King Chan, the contract for the Dragon and Phoenix minting program was signed in Beijing in May 1989, with the coins to be issued in September of that year. Owing to unplanned delays, the Mint disclosed that the coins would not be available until December, leading to the decision that the date on the coins be changed to 1990, and that they be issued early in that year. In the years that followed, a very few pieces from the program were discovered to have been dated to 1989. Following to NGC's population report (none have been graded by PCGS), only the following examples have been certified:

- Gold 200 Yuan - PR68 Ultra Cameo (1), PR69 Ultra Cameo (5)
- Silver 20 Yuan - PR67 Ultra Cameo (4), PR68 Ultra Cameo (6), PR69 Ultra Cameo (2)
- Gold 10 Yuan - Proof Details (2), PR69 Ultra Cameo (1)
- Silver 5 Jiao - PR64 Ultra Cameo (2), PR68 Ultra Cameo (1), PR69 Ultra Cameo (6)

Clearly carefully set aside not long after their discovery, each piece in this set comes preserved on the very cusp of technical perfection--the fields mirrored to the highest level, setting them in jet-black juxtaposition to the heavily frosted devices from all angles. Of the miniscule numbers seen to date by NGC (6 of the 200 Yuan and 12 of the 20 Yuan), none have yet been awarded PR70 status.

While both coins were formally incorporated into the standard literature in 2017 in the Gold & Silver Coins of China Standard Catalogue, 1979-2017, this is the first such two-piece set of which we are aware, with the silver 20 Yuan missing from even the most recent edition of the China Pricepedia. An exquisite opportunity to say the least, and one not to go missed by serious collectors of modern Chinese coins. Sold with padded presentation case.


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Estimate: 100000-150000 USD
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