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Auction 161  18 Sep 2021
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Bulk Lot on Medieval Numismatics
Various. BOOKS ON MEDIEVAL NUMISMATICS. A large group, including: Arthur Suhle's 1938 Münzbilder der Hohenstaufenzeit Meisterwerke romanischer Kleinkunst and 1950 Das Münzwesen Magdeburgs unter Erzbischof Wichmann 1152–1192; Richard Gaettens's 1956 Münzporträts im 11. Jahrhundert; Christian Winterstein's 1977 Goldgulden von Basel; Max Wilberg's 1962 Gegenten-Tabellen and 1957 Das Geld- und Münzwesen der Abtei Fulda im Hochmittelalter; C.A. Nordman's 1921 Anglo-Saxon Coins Found in Finland; Ladislaus Réthy's 1958 Corpus Nummorum Hungariae; the 1938 Transactions of the International Numismatic Congress...; Friedrich Wielandt's 1955 Badische Münz- und Geldgeschichte; Antonio Gasparinetti's 1969 Storia della Zecca di Bergamo; Philip Grierson's 1951 The Gold Solidus of Louis the Pious and its Imitations; Mario Bernocchi's 1970 Il Gigliato Pratese; Peter Berghaus's 1978 Die Münzen von Dortmund; Mario Maragi's 1981 Moneta e credito a Bologna nell'antichità e nel medioevo; William D. Craig's 1954 Germanic Coinages (Charlemagne through Wilhelm II); Cesare Gamberini di Scarfèa's 1960 Prontuario Prezzario; J.G. Milne, C.H.V. Sutherland and J.D.A. Thompson's 1963 Coin Collecting; Hugh Goodacre's 1957 A Handbook of the Coinage of the Byzantine Empire; Huszár Lajos's 1958 A budai pénzverés története a középkorban; and others. Varying formats. Generally very good or better with a few exceptions. Includes many works that remain important for their specific area.
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