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Web Auction 18  18-21 Dec 2021
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Lot 2560

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Starting price: 100 CHF
Price realized: 320 CHF

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Sextus Pompey, † 35 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.59 g, 7 h), military mint in Sicily, 37-36. [MAG•PVS IMP] ITER Bare head of Cn. Pompeius Magnus to right; behind, jug and before, lituus. Rev. PRAEF / CLAS•ET•[ORAE / MAR IT•EX•S•C] Neptune standing left, his foot on prow, between the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus, with their parents on their shoulders. Babelon (Pompeia) 27. Crawford 511/3a. RBW 1785. Sydenham 1344. The obverse struck somewhat off center and with banker's marks, otherwise, about very fine.
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