Schulman b.v.
Auction 372  28 Jul 2022
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Lot 7

Estimate: 100 EUR
Price realized: 440 EUR
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AR Cistophoric tetradrachm Ca. 76–67 BC, ASIA MINOR, MYSIA, PERGAMON Cista mystica containing serpent within ivy–wreath. Rev. bow-case between two coiling snakes, mint monogram ΠEP left, serpent-entwined thyrsos right and TH / ΠPY-monogram above.Kleiner, Hoard 49; Pinder 118; SNG Cop. 440; SNG France 1752-3; cf. S. 3950.The monogram ΠPY has been credibly interpreted as prytaneis, the name of a certain group of civic officials.12.06 g. Colorful toning Very fine +
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