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Auction 372  28 Jul 2022
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AR Tetradrachm Year 85 (178/7 BC), PTOLEMAIOS VI Philometor 180–145 BC, PTOLEMAIC KINGDOM Uncertain mint, possibly Cypriote or Phoenician. Diademed head of Ptolemaios wearing aegis right. Rev. eagle left on thunderbolt, date ΠE in left field ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΣΩΤHPOΣ.Svoronos 1107; Mørkholm, Ptolemaic Hoard 127 (obv. die A23, unlisted for date); DCA 73; SNG Cop. Suppl. 1311.This obverse die was already in use in the previous year.14.20 g. NGC XF. Strike 4 out of 5; Surface 3 out of 5. Die shift
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