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August 2022 Auction  10 Aug 2022
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Lot 13
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Roman Imperial, Tiberius (AD14-37) Silver Denarius, obv. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS around laureate head right, rev. PONTIF MAXIM around female figure (Livia? Mother of Tiberius) seated right holding sceptre & branch, slightly granular surfaces o/wise Fine (this denarius is the type referred to in the New Testament as the 'Tribute Penny'), together with Constantine 1 ('The Great') billon follis, obv. IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG around laureate & cuirassed bust right, rev. SOLI INVICTO COMITI around standing figure of Sol the sun god, PLN (London Mint) in ex., S F in field, EF or+
(Estimate: 40 - 60 GBP)
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