Auction 258  27 Sep 2022
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The Francis Bartlett Collection of British Groats

Henry V (1413-1422), Groat, class A, mm. cross pattée with sunken centre containing pellet, henric di gra rex anglie z franc, emaciated bust, large fleurs on bust, quatrefoil after henric, saltire stops except after di (double), rev. posvi devm adivtorem mevm; civitas london, quatrefoil after posvi, double saltire stops, 3.61g/12h (Stewartby p.323 [Henry IV]; Harris BNJ 1997 12 [A-2:R.A-5] and pl. 2, 12, this coin; Potter I, O2; N 1359(b); S 1759). Double-struck and with some surface marks, otherwise very fine, strong portrait, very rare £4,000-£5,000
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