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Worldwide Coins-India
Mughal Empire - Nur al-Din Muhammad Jahangir (1014-1037 AH/1605-1627 AD) - Gold Mohur AH 1031/16 (1620 AD), Zodiac Type Sagittarius, Class A, PCGS GENUINE XF DETAILS - Mint: Agra - Obverse: Costellation of Nemasp/Dhanusa (Sagittarius the Archer): centaur, head and upper torso right, galloping left, preparing to fire arrow from bow; radiate sun behind - Reverse: Legend and date in Persian verse - gr. 10,85 - Of the highest rarity. PCGS certification #44168938

Liddle Type G-107. BM 348. Friedberg 770

Jahangir (1605-1627) used the Ilahi Era to great artistic effect by issuing two series of mohurs that incorporated Ilahi Era elements. The earliest series, known as the portrait series, since the coins show the emperor on the obverse, all show the costellation Leo superimposed over the sun. The second series, known as the zodiac series, since each of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac is represented on the reverse, was a much larger series. Since the Ilahi months were solar months and correspond with the solar ecliptic (an imaginary line in the sky that marks the annual path of the sun), each month was represented by an appropriate sign of the Zodiac, recording its particular month of issue.
Because many of these coins had been recalled and melted by Jahangir's successor, Shah Jahan, original strikes are very rare. Numismatists have divided the portrait and zodiac series mohurs into four classes:
Class A: undisputed original strikes, characterized by deep relief, somewhat uneven flans, and rounded calligraphy.
Class B: possibly original strikes, but more likely minted in the first decade or two following Jahangir's death.
Class C: mohurs of Class A or B that have the zodiac type removed and re-engraved.
Class D: later imitations and forgeries.
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