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Auction 32  8 January 2014
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Lot 125

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Estimate: 9500 USD
Price realized: 14 750 USD

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ANCIENT COINS. GREEK COINS. Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 B.C.), Gold Stater, 8.68g, 7h.Mint of Kolophon, struck under Philip III, 323-317 B.C.Head of Apollo facing right laureate, but with the features of Alexander III the Great. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟY, charioteer, wearing a himation, and holding a kentron and the reins, driving a galloping biga to right, a tripod below on right (Le Rider pl. 93, 26; SNG Alpha Bank 260; Thompson, Philip, p. 58 and pl. VI, 12; SNG ANS 309).A magnificent example, with a fine portrait of superb style, well-struck in high relief, attractively toned, good extremely fine.
This issue, struck in Kolophon and in Magnesia from a single obverse die that was used by both mints, was produced during the reign of Philip III Arrhidaios.It is without doubt one of the most desirable of all gold staters struck in the name of Philip II, as the head on the obverse of this coin clearly appears to be that of a real person.Its distinctively human features have led to the general assumption that this must be a true portrait of Alexander III, the Great.

Estimate: US$ 9,500
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