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Auction 71  4 Feb 2023
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Estimate: 20 GBP
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Gallienus (AD 253-268), antoninianus, Rome, GALLIENVS AVG, rad. head r., rev. LIBERO P CONS AVG, tigress walking l., wt. 3.37gms. (RIC.V.230); Maximian (AD 286–305), AE antoninianus, Cyzicus, IMP C MA – MAXIMIANVS AVG B, rad. and dr. bust r., rev. CONCORDIA MIL – ITVM, emperor standing r., holding parazonium and receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter, wt. 3.82gms. (RIC.V.607 var.), the first very fine, an interesting example, the second with slight crack through bottom of bust, otherwise good very fine (2)

Estimate: 20 - 30 GBP
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