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ANGLO-SAXON BRITAIN. Vikings of Northumbria. St. Peter Coinage. Ca 921-927. AR penny. 1.11 gm. 19 mm. The sword of St. Peter, hilt to the right, SCII TIIIO in two lines / Voided hammer with triangular top, within an inner circle; blundered legend. S. 1015. N. 556. Extremely Fine; even tone, choice coin.

The Zabel Collection
Ex Ready. Sotheby's. 15 November 1920. (73)
Ex Drabble, part 1. Glendining. 4 July 1939. (315)
Ex Stack. Sotheby's. London. 22 and 23 April 1999. (383).

The 1983 edition of the Numismatic Chronicle discusses the Bossal Hoard with respect to this type. Ten were in the hoard, four of which went to the Yorkshire Musuem. Regretably, no images or descriptions of the Bossal Hoard contents exist, a lack Dolley "deplored" in his 1955 BNJ discussion.

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