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Estimate: 32 000 USD
Price realized: 38 000 USD
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World Currency
Zanzibar Zanzibar Government 1 Rupee 1.9.1920 Pick 1 PMG Extremely Fine 40. Zanzibar Government notes are among the most famous and desirable of all world banknotes. They were issued during the British Colonial era in the early 20th century, and were pegged in value to the Indian Rupee. The final date for Zanzibar notes was 1928, and beginning in 1936 they were withdrawn from circulation, demonetized, and replaced by East African Shillings notes. This incredible 1 Rupee is the smallest denomination of the series, but it is unlike the other denominations in a few aspects. First, it was issued in 1920 and features only one date. All other denominations were first issued in either 1908 or 1916. Secondly, this 1 Rupee was printed by Thomas de la Rue, while all other denominations were printed by Waterlow & Sons. It is plausible that this smallest denomination was created in reaction to a shortage of coinage, as the price of silver rose dramatically during World War I and coins were hoarded across the globe. Only minimal circulation is present on this fantastic and very rare note. Original paper is seen through the third party holder, with its eye appeal being virtually unmatched as most extant issued Zanzibar notes do not present this cleanly. At the time of cataloging, this note is the single finest of only six pieces graded in the PMG Population Report for this type. Even more remarkable is that this note is graded the highest of ALL issued Zanzibar examples listed on the PMG Population Report, and the only one graded in an Extremely Fine grade. Stunning, iconic, and amazing at this grade level. HID08706262019 © 2022 Heritage Auctions | All Rights Reserved HID08706262019 © 2022 Heritage Auctions | All Rights Reserved

Estimate: 32000-48000 USD
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