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Auction 374  6 Apr 2023
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Estimate: 200 EUR
Price realized: 160 EUR
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China - Fragment of a Da Quan Mother Mold n.d. (7–14 AD), WANG MANG Interregnum 9–22 AD Red earthern mold fragment. Non-stack, branching channel type. Positive impression Da Quan Wu Shi in seal script around square hole connected with sprue to other impressions.Cf. Hartill 9.1; FD 447; Schj. 120.These mother molds with positive impressions were used in the production of the eventual negative molds in which the coins were cast. Throughout China's monetary history, manner different mold-types have been used, including everything from directly engraved stone to single-channel molds in bronze. During the Han period, casting in fired clay became the standard. Interestingly enough, for Da Quan Wu Shi's, 'stack-casting' molds are also encountered.Ca. 66 x 61 x 42 mm. 137.71 g. One full impression visible, little to no chipping
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