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Auction 96  14 May 2014
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Lot 1043

Estimate: 7500 USD
Price realized: 7000 USD
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VISIGOTHS, Gaul. temp. Amalaric to Atanagild. 526-567. AV Solidus (21mm, 4.40 g, 6h). Uncertain (Narbonne?) mint. Imitating a Constantinople mint solidus of the 8th officina, struck in the name of Justinian I, 527-565. IV(retrograde S)TI N NΛNI, pearl-diademed, helmeted, and cuirassed facing bust, holding spear over shoulder and decorated shield / VICTOR I Λ ΛVCCC H, Victory standing left, holding staff holding staff with bifurcated base and terminating in reverted staurogram; star to left; H//CONOB. Reinhart, Münzen II, pl. 8, 2 (same dies); Boutin 1061 (this coin); MEC 1, 190 (same dies). Superb EF, deep iridescent toning. Very rare.

Ex Edoardo Curti Collection (Künker 227, 11 March 2013), lot 2027; Bernhard Chwartz Collection (Part II, Crinon, 14 June 2010), lot 175; M. Canovas Collection (Vinchon, 18 May 1994), lot 116; Collection N.K. [Nadia Kapamadji] (Bourgey, 27 October 1992), lot 732.
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