Classical Numismatic Group, LLC
Auction 96  14 May 2014
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Lot 628

Estimate: 1000 USD
Price realized: 2500 USD
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INDO-SKYTHIANS. Maues. Circa 125-85 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 8.79 g, 12h). Radiate deity, holding scepter, and driver, holding wand and reins, in biga right / Zeus enthroned facing slightly left, holding torque and scepter; monogram to left. Senior S1.1T = Senior, Unpublished 2, 40; BN – MIG Type 712 var. (monogram); GNG 72, lot 1062 = GoMo 142, lot 1732; Zeno 37625. Good VF, surfaces a little rough. Very rare monogram for this ruler.

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