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Auction 96  14 May 2014
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Lot 633

Estimate: 1500 USD
Price realized: 3250 USD
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INDIA, Kushan Empire. Kanishka I. Circa AD 127/8-152. AV Dinar (20mm, 7.97 g, 12h). Mint I (A). 3rd emission. Kanishka, diademed and crowned, standing facing, head left, holding goad and scepter, sacrificing over altar to left; flame at shoulder / Siva, nimbate, standing facing, head left, pouring water from flask and holding vajra (thunderbolt), trident, and he-goat; tamgha to left. MK 62 (unlisted dies); Donum Burns 131. EF, minor shift strike around head on obverse, hairline die break and trace of deposit on reverse.

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