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Auction 96  14 May 2014
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INDIA, Kushan Empire. Vasudeva I. Circa AD 192-225. Æ Medallion (50mm, 80.01 g, 12h). Mint I (A). ÞA [ONA]NOÞAO BAO BA ZO [Δ] HO HOÞA[H]A (sic), Vasudeva, nimbate, standing facing, head left, sacrificing over altar and holding trident; trident to left / OhÞO, ithyphallic Siva with three heads standing facing, holding a garland or diadem, and vajra (thunderbolt) in upraised hands, lotus or flask in outstretched hand, and one hand lowered at side; tamgha to left. Cf. MK 509 (for obv. and rev. types; rev. with Nandi [dinar]) and MK 1001-3 (for obv. type; rev. with two-armed Siva and Nandi [tetradrachm]); Donum Burns –; Göbl, Antike –. VF, brick red and green patina, areas of smoothing, some spots of active corrosion. Unique and impressive.

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