Auction 23009  26 Sep 2023
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Starting price: 8000 GBP
Price realized: 13 000 GBP
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(x) Government of Gibraltar / British Administration, specimen £1 = 1 Libra, 6th August 1914, serial number B000000 220,[Top Pop] specimen £1 = 1 Libra, 6th August 1914, serial number B000000 220,
Introducing a extraordinary rarity: Gibraltar specimen £1, 1914 Emergency Series B Issues
This particular piece holds a unique place in the financial history of Gibraltar during a tumultuous time.
Against the backdrop of the outbreak of World War I, Gibraltar introduced a special series of banknotes strategically aimed at preventing the outflow of sterling or gold reserves. These banknotes were authorized under the emergency wartime legislation known as Ordinance 10 of 1914.
These notes coexisted with British territory notes of the era, and played a critical role during a time of great financial instability. What sets this specimen apart is its physical attributes it is notably smaller in size compared to the preceding emergency notes, featuring an intricately engraved design.
Furthermore, each of these banknotes proudly boasts the embossed stamp of the Anglo-Egyptian Bank Limited. Their ornate design showcases the iconic coat of arms, featuring three castle towers, a skeleton key, and the Latin motto "Montis Insignia Calpe," which translates to 'the badge of the rock of Gibraltar'.
Remarkably, this specific banknote has remained elusive to collectors and researchers alike. It leaves no trace in historical records of past sales, and intriguingly, it is conspicuously absent from prominent collections, including the renowned Ibrahim Saleem collection.
Its scarcity suggests it is a truly unique artefact, lending an air of mystique to this exceptional piece of Gibraltar's financial history., (Pick 8s, BNB 108as), in PMG holder 50 About Uncirculated, printer´s annotations, pinholes, previously mounted, extremely rare,.

Estimate: £12000 - £16000
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