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Auction 17  19 Nov 2023
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PERSIA. Achemenid kingdom. Time of Artaxerxes II to Artaxerxes III. Tetradrachm 400-341 BC, uncertain Carian mint. Chian standard. Obv. Persian king, wearing kidaris and kandys, in kneeling-running stance right, drawing bow. Rev. Warrior, wearing kyrbasia, thrusting spear he holds aloft in right hand, on horse galloping right ; O left ; below, dolphin right. Konuk, Influences, Group 9, 1 and pl. XXX, 23 ; cf. Meadows, Administration 327 ; Traité II 123 ; SNG Kayhan 1004 ; Dewing 2715. AR. 15.07 g. - AU
Obverse 30% off-centered. -

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