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Auction 17  19 Nov 2023
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ROMAN REPUBLIC. C. Cossutius Maridianus. Denarius 44 BC, Rome. Obv. CAESA[R] - PARENS PAT[RIAE]. Veiled and wreathed head of Julius Caesar, apex behind, lituus below chin. Rev. C. COSSVTIV[S] / MARID-IANVS. Legend crossed, A, A, A and F.F in angles (Auro, Argento, Aere Flando Feriundo). Alföldi type XVII (A9/R9) ; RRC 480/19. AR. 4.11 g. - VF obverse off-centered
Probably struck during Caesar lifetime (Woytek, Arma et Nummi, Vienna, 2003, p. 727) -

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