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Auction 37  25-26 Nov 2023
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Lot 1565

Starting price: 900 NOK
Price realized: 1100 NOK
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CELTIC. Danube region. Circa 2nd century BC. AR tetradrachm (35 mm; 16,62 g). Imitation of the contemporary Thasos tetradrachms, class II. Head of young Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath / ΗΡΑΚΛΕΟΥΣ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ / ΘΑΣΙΩΝ, Nude Herakles standing left, holding lion's skin over his shoulder and left arm, and resting his right hand on club; Μ in inner left field. Slightly wavy flan. Deeply toned., Göbl OTA pl. 46 Class II, Grade: 1, From the inventory of a Swedish dealer
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