Oslo Myntgalleri AS
Auction 37  25-26 Nov 2023
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Lot 1797

Starting price: 5000 NOK
Price realized: 6000 NOK
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Lot of 18 Roman imperial brass and copper coins; sestertii (10), dupondii (3), asses (4), and anonymous tessera (1): Trajan (as, 1); Hadrian (dupondius, 1); Antoninus Pius (as, 1); Marcus Aurelius (sestertii, 2); Faustina Junior (dupondius, 1 and asses, 2 ); Julia Mamaea (dupondius, 1); Orbiana (sestertius, 1); Maximinus I (sestertius, 1); Otacilia Severa (sestertius, 1); Gordian III (sestertii, 4); Trebonianus Gallus (sestertius, 1); Anonymous (tessera, Domitian-Antoninus Pius, 1). Very attractive lot with a TOTAL of 18 roman brass and copper coins., Grade: VK, From the inventory of a Swedish dealer
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