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Jubilee Auction 100  23-24 Nov 2023
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Lot 1048

Starting price: 20 000 EUR
Price realized: 20 000 EUR
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Russia 10 Roubles 1762 СПБ R1
Bit# 1 (R1), 60 R. by Petrov, 40 R. by Iliyn, Conros# 3/1, N# 102615; Gold (.917) 16.54 g; A magnificent and very rare gold coin, which will undoubtedly cause admiration among all collectors. On the obverse of this splendid coin, a finely detailed portrait of Peter III, the Tsar of Russia, is elegantly depicted, facing right. The reverse of this coin is a work of art in its own right. It proudly displays the crowned coats of arMS of four tsardoMS : Moscow at the top, Astrakhan on the left, Kazan on the right, and Siberia at the bottom. These individual embleMS represent the diverse regions under the vast Russian Empire, each with its unique history and significance. In the heart of this intricate design lies the coat of arMS of the Russian Empire, signifying the unification of these territories under a single imperial rule. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of history – a rare and wondrous coin that will undoubtedly be a cherished centerpiece in any collection. Mintage: 25876 pcs. ; UNC; Altered surface - reverse of the coin is absolutely stunning uncirculated with traces of die struck but the obverse was tooled to clean the coin's surface what made this coin graded as "altered surface" by NGC. The same die coin can be found sold during last decade on various auctions like "Rare Coins" 32 lot 131, Kunker 359 lot 722, Heritage 3048 lot 32453, Alexander & Russian Heritage 2 lot 71, Alexander 31 lot 271, Kunker 258 lot 873, Russian Numismatic House 41 lot 38, Alexander 26 lot 173, Hess-Divo 326 lot 479, Spink 13015 lot 485 and etc.
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