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Jubilee Auction 100  23-24 Nov 2023
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Lot 28

Starting price: 2000 EUR
Price realized: 3201 EUR
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Roman Empire Diocletian AV Aureus 290 - 292 AD (ND) Antioch
RIC V.2 307, C. 46, Depeyrot 7/1, Calicó 4436, N# 306152; Gold 5.40 g, 20 mm; Obv: DIOCLETIANVS AVGVSTVS - Laureate head to right; Rev: CONSVL IIII P P PROCOS - Diocletian, draped and cuirassed, standing left, holding globe, Σ (retrograde) in right field, SMA in exergue; Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd, Auction XXII, 8 October 2021, lot 858.; XF/AUNC
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