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E-Sale 117  22 Feb 2024
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Lot 1642

Estimate: 50 GBP
Price realized: 55 GBP
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Lot of 2 Electrotypes - obverse and reverse on separate planchets: Euboia, Chalkis AR Tetradrachm. Unknown maker, likely British Museum electrotype copying an issue of circa 170 BC. Xenokrates, magistrate. Veiled female head (Hera?) to right, wearing necklace, earring and stephane / Hera driving quadriga to right, holding sceptre and reins; ΧΑΛΚΙ[ΔΕΩΝ] above, ΞΕΝΟΚΡΑΤΗΣ below; all within oak-wreath. For prototype cf. BMC 85; Head period V.B, 32. Obv. = 15.06g, 30mm; Rev. = 12.12g, 30mm.

Condition as seen; obverse and reverse on separate planchets.
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