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February 2024 Auction  14 Feb 2024
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Lot 11

Starting price: 150 GBP
Price realized: 300 GBP
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Ancient Coins
Mixed Roman Imperial Bronze Coinage; 9 coins, predominantly earlier empire; highlights include; Nero as, 28mm, 9.29g, Lugdunum mint AD 65, obv. Nero facing right, rev. Nero as Apollo advancing right playing lyre (RIC 454, Sear 1975) SPQR countermark over the neck of Nero, these countermarks were applied by Gallic rebels around AD68 under the command of the rebel governor Vindex; countermark and host coin fine and rare; Nero as, 26mm, 9.53g, Rome mint AD 66, obv. laureate head right, rev. temple of Janus with closed doors (RIC 306, Sear 1974) fine; Claudius as, 27mm, 11.52g, Rome mint AD C.50-4, obv. bare head left, rev. Libertas standing facing, with pileus and extending left hand (RIC 97, Sear 1859) fine; Agrippa as, 26mm, 12.23g, minted under Caligula, Rome mint AD 37-41, obv. head left wearing rostral crown, rev. Neptune standing facing, head left, (RIC 58, Sear 1812) verdigris spots, near fine-fine; Caligula AE29, 13.19g, Segobriga mint AD 37-41, obv. laureate head left, rev. SEGO BRIGA in wreath, (RPC 476, Burgos 1724) fine; and, Hadrian sestertius, 30mm, 23.53g, Rome mint AD 135, obv. laureate head right, rev. Pax seated left holding olive branch and sceptre (RIC 770, Sear 3615) near fine - fine; together with, 2x Claudius quadrantes and an Antoninus Pius as

Estimate: 150 - 200 GBP
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