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February 2024 Auction  14 Feb 2024
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Lot 5

Starting price: 100 GBP
Price realized: 190 GBP
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Ancient Coins
2x Roman Imperial, Augustus, Silver Coins; comprising; denarius, 18.4mm, 3.69g, Lugdunum mint 2BC - 4AD, obv. laureate head right, rev. Gaius & Lucius standing front, each with a hand resting on a round shield, a spear, a lituus and simpulum in field above (RIC 207, Sear 1597) scuff marks to bust o/wise good fine; and, Quinarius, 12.6mm, 1.46g, Emerita Mint (Spain), 25-23BC, minted by P.Carisius governor of Lusitania, obv. bar head right, rev. Victory standing right crowning trophy, dagger & curved sword at base (RIC 1A, Sear 1642) very fine/fine

Estimate: 100 - 150 GBP
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