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Gupta Dynasty, Samudragupta (335-370 CE), Gold Dinar, "Lyrist" type, Obv: the king seated upright facing left on a high-backed throne, wearing a pearled crown (cap) and only dhoti (bare bodied), playing the Veena (lute) that rests on his knees and Brahmi character 'Si' for Siddham (luck) on footstool, circular Brahmi legend "(Maharaja)dhiraja Shri Samudra guptah", the letter 'guptah' appears between the lute and the king's head, Rev: the goddess Lakshmi, nimbate, seated left on a wicker stool, holding a diadem in her right hand and a cornucopia in the left, Brahmi legend "Samudraguptah" on the right field, a dotted border around the field, 7.5g, 21.24mm, (Altekar, Bayana Hoard # Pl. VI-4/TGE, S. Kumar # Var. A.1), nice strike, very beautiful, superb quality, jewels adorned by king, string of Veena are clearly visible, attractive, almost uncirculated, Extremely Rare.
Note: This coin stands out as one of the highest-quality specimens offered in our auctions. Throughout his reign, Samudragupta likely minted lyrist-type coins, showcasing his prowess as an accomplished musician. The depiction features the King playing a stringed instrument of Indian origin, the lyre-veena.
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