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Extremely Fine; smoothed fields, beautifully centred | ROMAN EMPIRE. Commodus.
Bronze medallion, AD 188-189. Rome.
Rome, AD 188-189. M COMMODVS ANTONINVS-PIVS FELIX AVG BRIT, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: FORT FELI P M TR P XIIII IMP VIII COS V P P, Felicitas standing facing, head left, holding branch in right hand and double cornucopia in left, right foot on prow.
Extremely Fine; smoothed fields, beautifully centred.

Reference: Gnecchi II-p. 53, 15, pl. 78, 10 var. (bust type); Heritage, ANA Signature Sale 3075, lot 32058.
Rarity: Of the highest rarity; seemingly just the second known.
Die Axis: 12h.
Diameter: 39 mm.
Weight: 44.32 g.
Composition: Bronze.

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