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Ancients Auction 7  23 Feb 2024
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Extremely Fine; boasting a portrait of marvellous style | ANCIENT GREECE. SELEUKID KINGDOM. Seleukos I 'Nikator'.
Silver tetradrachm, circa 305/4 BC. Persis(?).
Obv: head of hero right (assimilating Seleucus, Alexander, and Dionysus), wearing helmet covered with panther skin and adorned with bull's ear and horns. Rev: ΣΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ, Nike standing right, crowning trophy; D/RY (in Aramaic script) between, H in lower left field.
Extremely Fine; boasting a portrait of marvellous style.

Reference: SC-195; Kritt, ESMS-p. 126, AH; NAC 74, lot 294 (hammer: CHF 55,000)
Rarity: A coin of the highest rarity, seemingly one of just 3 known specimens, one of which is held in Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
Die Axis: 9h.
Diameter: 27 mm.
Weight: 16.74 g.
Composition: Silver.

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