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Starting price: 14 000 GBP
Price realized: 18 000 GBP
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Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Third 'Restoration' Coinage, Sixth Issue, "Crown Gold", Pound of 20-Shillings, 10 June 1593 - 8 May 1594, Tower, (m.m.) ELIZABETH : D ' G ' ANG ' FRA ' ET : HIB ', REGINA, annulet stops, crowned bust 7A left, rev. SCVTVM : FIDEI : PROTEGET : EAM • double pellet stops, single after EAM, crowned Royal shield of arms dividing cypher, 11.13g [171.8grns], 7h (Brown and Comber F2 this coin; Schneider I, 797 same dies; North 2008; Spink 2534), slightly irregular flan, otherwise well struck with a hint of ochre tone, spots of red wax in doubled legends from Spink Numismatic Circular illustration in 1923, otherwise good very fine, the double pyx mintmark a noted rarity, the die combination EXCESSIVELY RARE.
The David Wolfson Collection,
Spink Numismatic Circular, March 1976, no. 1836* - "Very rare, full, V.F.-E.F" - £2,500,
Spink Numismatic Circular, July-August 1975, no. 6573* - "almost E.F." - £2,500,
Purchased by Spink, November 1974 [with this ticket],
J H Barnes, Sotheby's, 26 June 1974, lot 137* - "some double striking of the legend but almost extremely fine and very rare", - £2,400 [Kaiteer],
Spink Numismatic Circular, September-October 1923, no. 22660 - "A very uncommon piece with these two mint-marks (R/. F.D.C.). RR. E.F." - £12.10.0,
Spink Numismatic Circular, May-June 1923, no. 18480* - "Pound" Sovereign. Mm. Lion and tun. R/. Mm. Tun only. A very rare piece with these double mint-marks. RR. EF." - £12.10.0,
Spink Numismatic Circular, January-February 1923, no. 14577 - "brilliant mint state. A large broad coin. Very rare with two mint-marks, R/. Mm. 'Tun only. RR, E.F." - £11.10.0,
Spink Numismatic Circular, March-April 1922, no. 3081 -"A superb coin of much rarity, the double mint-marks very unusual and hitherto unexplained. Beautiful state. RR, F.D.C." - £12.10.0,
Spink Numismatic Circular, May-June 1919, no. 71812 - "the combination of mint marks here is curious and the reason for the lion mm. is not vet known (Vide Kenyon, p. 124). RR., E.F." - £11.10.0,
Spink Numismatic Circular, May-June 1916, no. 41464 - "Very rare with the Lion and Tun mint marks, E.F." - £8.0.0,
John Dudman, First Portion, Sotheby's, 15-19 December 1913, lot 74 - "very fine and a very rare m.m." - £9.5.0 [Spink],
J E Moon, Sotheby's, 7-10 May 1901, lot 140 - "extremely fine and rare" - £7.0.0 [Verity for Dudman]
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The Lion and Tun double mintmark for the Trial of the Pyx ceremony marks the first issue of Pounds struck between June 1593 and May 1594. Whilst other examples appear at the Thomas Bliss (1916) and Alexander Mann (1917) dispersals, as well as a second and illustrated specimen at the Dudman (lot 75) auction, all appear to have been purchased by then fledgling dealership Messrs A H Baldwin's, rendering the pre-1919 chain arguably more probable given the reoccurence of listings through Spink.

Estimate: £14000 - £18000
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