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E-Sale 119  24-25 Apr 2024
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Lot 3183

Estimate: 500 GBP
Price realized: 1800 GBP
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Lucius Verus Æ Struck 'Medallion'. Paduan engraved by Giovanni da Cavino (1500-1570). • L • VERVS • AVG • ARM • PARTH MAX • TR • P • VIIII, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust to right / Emperor, in military outfit, holding parazonium, standing to left, presenting Victory to Jupiter seated slightly to right on rock outcropping of the Capitol, holding sceptre and thunderbolt; Virtus standing to left next to emperor, crowning him with wreath; • TR • P • VII • IMP • IIII • • COS • III • P • P • in two lines in exergue. HMB I.70; Klawans 1; Lawrence 60; cf. Gnecchi II pl. 74.2-3 for possible prototype. 40.74g, 38mm, 6h.

Condition as seen. Struck in high relief, a highly attractive and very rare original Cavino strike.

Reportedly ex M. Oates Collection.
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